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The night before last I posted an old collage from 2007. I realized the last time I attempted a collage was February 2012 and that was after a year hiatus. I didn’t give it too much thought – priorities can change quickly, especially when a new baby is involved. I’ve also been crazy obsessed with web stuff – and honestly, my *free time* is spent writing code which I LOVE.

So last night I receive an email out-of-the-blue for a request to be interviewed as part of an online course about collage. I did agree to it, and will add details as they’re available, but told her up front that I felt like a bit of a hack seeing as I don’t really do collage much anymore. Although, I have been looking for a reason to get back into it.

The point of this post:

I made this today… my daughter wanted to paint so I grabbed a notecard, sat down beside her and started scribbling. I’m hoping it will lead to more. xo