Freehand Sewing


Since getting my new Viking sewing machine last fall I’ve been doing lots of ‘free-motion’ sewing… I saw a cute Valentine’s Tutorial a couple of weeks ago by Lucy Kate Crafts and learned about darning feet. I was amazed at the tiny detail she could get with the foot and decided to invest in my own! I’m so glad I did, it’s a million times easier! I was using the foot on the left, with the feed up even (it was too hard to control with the feed down) – now I’m using the darning foot on the right, feed down and it’s so easy.


I went a little crazy on the Gutterman threads at Jo-Ann’s the other day, 50% off though! They have such lovely colors, and I just really like the way the spools look. Perfect for a thread rainbow.


I made a few Monome Cozies (for sale here) too, cursive handwriting is so fun now…

monome sailwithme2

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