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Oh two thousand and sixteen, what can I say? If we’ve ever needed to kick up our feet up and listen to some Christmas music it’s now. Thank god for good music. All of these songs can be found on Bandcamp, please look your favorites up and send them some love ($$) if you can. Hope your holidays are full of big warm bear hugs. xoxo

Your friend,

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Merry Christmas Mix 2014

Every year I think that THIS is the year I’m going to spend more time with music, and while I did better this year (thanks to Spotify mostly) I could still do better. There’s just SO MUCH good music, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Although I spend early December listening to lots of Christmas music it’s also a great way to find new bands that just happen to have a Christmas album too.

A stand-out for me this year is Bride & Groom. Not only do they both have amazing voices but look how incredibly adorable they are! I definitely suggest watching some of the videos on their website, really beautiful.

Bride & Groom [website]:

Brown Bird [website]:

Wild Child [website]:

If you love these bands like I do please consider purchasing an album, Bandcamp is so easy it takes seconds to buy and download an album.

And now, finally! My Christmas mix for the year – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you. Hope you all have the merriest of Merry Christmases filled with love, good health and belly laughs. xo

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Oh hello dear friends, how are you?

I’ve found many great Christmas albums that I want to share so please check out the links/songs below! If you have a few extra bucks to support the bands I know they would appreciate it greatly. They pour their heart and souls into this stuff for not much pay-off most of the time.

I hope you all are safe and warm and that your hearts and cups are filled to the brim. Thank you so much for reading. xo

This is by far one of the most powerful Christmas albums I’ve ever heard. Do you know that feeling, when a song swells and it feels like your heart just grew three sizes along with it?

And he puzzled three hours, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.
“Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

This group of artists are seriously amazing, listen to ALL of their albums and be blown away. Even if folk/gospel isn’t your thing you’ll be singing along and tapping your foot.

And what would Christmas be without sweet little pop folk duets!

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