1st Birthday Party, let's get nautical! - Amanda Hawkins

My baby girl is incredible, it’s impossible to list all of her achievements over the past year – some big ones… crawling, walking, talking, hugging, kissing. Not to mention a million little/big things like growing the muscles to hold her head up and figuring out how to open her little clenched fists. AMAZING ///

Happy birthday big girl, I love you I love you I love you I love you!!!

The Birthday Girl

Haha, favorite! ->

I LOVE throwing parties, always have. This might be my most ‘theme-y’ party yet, all blues, stripes, sailboats and rough waters (icing). Thanks so much to my awesome family for helping me pull this off, especially my mom and sister – the bakers!

The Cake

The Allergen-Free Mini Cupcakes

Monkey bread cupcake with seablue icing
Made by my sister, these were AMAZING. They also gave me a crazy gluten hangover for two days after being off of it for 8 months. WOAH, who even knew a gluten hangover existed? Totally worth it, haha.

Cake Table

SS Watermelon
Carved and scooped by my awesome dad!


DIY Photobooth Backdrop
Easily my favorite part of any party, the photobooth!

The end!

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

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