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Drawing… what’s that?

I think I’ve drawn a total of three things this whole year. How awful is that?
Did a quick collage today and it felt great. Happy 11.11.11!

Had so much fun during the process of making this painting, thought I’d share!

Preparing the Surface

  • Start with a DIY Masonite Panel (or any hard surface) & stack of old leftover book pages (or any paper good for collaging).
  • Mod Podge pages to the board – in a pattern or not, just cover the whole thing. Use the mod podge as a glue, putting it directly on the board then smoothing the pages over the top.
  • Paint the board with white acrylic – use a big brush and not a lot of paint. You don’t want to cover the whole thing so the texture and color of the book pages come through.
  • Once the paint is dry use your handy putty knife to scrape at it a while to give it a warn look. Don’t be afraid to dig into the pages and tear up small edges and corners.
  • Paint over it again with the white acrylic if you’d like.
  • Then you have a wonderful texture-y surface to draw or paint on!

Painting with Tissue Paper

  • Sketch out the elephant or whatever shape/animal you’d like.
  • Find a sheet of tissue paper that will cover the whole shape you want to fill in.
  • Fill in the shape with a gluestick, it doesn’t have to be exact but it’s better to be a little out of the lines than inside.
  • Carefully smooth the tissue paper over the glue’d areas – using a tissue works well for smoothing.
  • Once it’s all covered and dry cut around the shape with an exacto and remove the extra tissue.
  • At that point I drew over the elephant again with a dark pencil line but do whatchya want!

I made a smaller version on paper with a cute little elephant stamp I found at Jo-Ann’s too!

In January I participated in 12 by 30, a community art project that requires 12 artists to create 30 pieces of artwork over 30 days, resulting in 360 original pieces in 30 days. We had a one-night art show in February to celebrate the completion!

They just started a new round for March, make sure and check it out! You can view all of January’s entries here – or view my 12 by 30 set on flickr.

Hi friends, happy last day of the year! xo

So, Art Unraveled Day #2 and I made my first wax paintings!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I fell in love and bought all the supplies to do it at home. *SWOON*

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