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I’m off to take my second nap of the day. I just wanted to take a second and tell you that I’m in love with At Swim-Two-Birds on flickr. Renilde Depeuter – she has a blog full of wonderfulness as well.

“Moonstone Sprout” by At Swim-Two-Birds


Try not to be TOO jealous, but I own the two collages above… along with 3 others. It’s true! I met Velleity Pie (J. Martinson) back in 2005 on livejournal and was lucky enough to do an art swap with her! Check out her Journal Set on flickr, she’s absolutely amazing.

Links: Candy Eye Factory, Flickr & Livejournal


A while back I put together a drawing set organized by date on flickr. While looking at the thumbnails I noticed blocks of color forming that corresponded with different periods of time.

color blocks
Plug your name into the above link and you’ll see a thumbnail view of all of your photos by year. If you have a lot of artwork posted you’ll probably see it too.


I was thinking about that a couple of days ago when I posted work by Hollis Brown Thornton and mentioned his wonderful use of color.

I’ve used Adobe Kuler before to pull in photos and grab colors from them, but had never done it with a large sampling of work. Using screenshots of thumbnails I was able to get a sense of an artists’ overall color theme. Of course it’s not exact because I’m pulling colors based on what sticks out to me, the results would be different for everyone.

There are a few below and I’ve done about 10 more that I’ll be posting over the next week!
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