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I created these 6×6 collages a couple weeks ago, after my grandma spent the weekend with my fiance and I. The muted colors and layers in the first make me think of the generations in a family, and how different we seem at first but realizing that we’re absolutely the same. Based on thoughts I had while sitting in the backseat while driving with my mom and grandma, observing them together and thinking how amazing both of them are in their own way.

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Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

Take care of little humans,
stare at tiny computer,
scribble on paper,
Maker of DIY Planners and 🎨 artist; front-end web developer and designer well-versed in CSS & WordPress. Make music with RBK & as Love Morris. Check out or send an email if you're interested in hiring me for WordPress dev. Subscribe to a newsletter I rarely send out. Connect on Instagram & Twitter.

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