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Hello! I went to Joann’s on Friday to pick up some fabric for a new (secret!) project. I ended up leaving with a crazy book, Crazy Quilting – The Complete Guide. It has about a hundred different stitch and knot examples. I’ve been wanting to try freestyle embroidery ever since I saw the work of Takashi Iwasaki.

Here’s a sample:

Amazing right?! He has lots more to look at on his website: Takashi Iwasaki

Anyways, here’s my first attempt (in progress!)


I still want to add a lot but embroidery is SO much slower than the drawing that I’m used it. AND I really need to get off the computer and start on my new secret project which I’m VERY excited about. Here’s a hint!

sewing machine and green and brown fabric

And as a reminder, the newest addition to my workspace. Yes we can!


I made a bag this weekend that turned out so nice! I was inspired by this beautiful bag, by Morelle and followed this tutorial, on ‘Cut Out + Keep.’ I started a ‘make this’ folder and have added in tons of projects and tutorials I found over the weekend online – My mom recently bought me a sewing machine and I’m really starting to love it. I’ll be posting more about it here in the future and maybe make my own tutorial! I’m thinking of creating a notebook/pocket book to go with my DIY Planner template pages.

In other news, we haven’t sent out our wedding thank you’s yet. 2 1/2 months later! I’m sure that’s the hugest wedding faux pas of all time, but I’m hoping since they’re all handmade/stamped and have several 4×6 photos inside it’ll make up for it?! We started this afternoon and finished all of the cards and envelopes & I’m about halfway through all the messages inside, phew!

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