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1. Peapod
2. Superhero
3. Polka Dot Butterfly

halloween collage IMG_8068

This year is my favorite because she was old enough to tell me what she wanted to dress up as. A polkadot butterfly. She flaps her wings and says, “look, i’m flittering!” Flitter flutter, flitter flutter.

One thing I’ve been really consistent about (and proud of) is taking photos of my daughter – I get out the big camera at least once a week and sometimes more. Not sure when I’ll stop doing the monthly P photo, when she tells me she’s sick of it I guess! It’s so cool seeing them all together. Also, ADORABLE.

First Year

Once a month photos to track growth of baby girl,

Second Year

Once a month photos to track growth of baby girl,

25 Months

Once a month photos to track growth of baby girl,

109+1wk-drawingsToday my daughter started drawing little tiny happy people.

She has said she was before but today they actually LOOKED like it. She’s been working so hard at this for the last 6 or so months and I couldn’t stop smiling and gushing over her.

She holds the pen in her left hand while she prepares her right fingers to hold the pen just right too, such concentration and attention to detail. I think it’s silly how every time a child does something well people say OH a future doctor or dancer or whatever! But come on, illustrator? :)

109+1wk-a 109+1wk-d

My baby girl is incredible, it’s impossible to list all of her achievements over the past year – some big ones… crawling, walking, talking, hugging, kissing. Not to mention a million little/big things like growing the muscles to hold her head up and figuring out how to open her little clenched fists. AMAZING ///

Happy birthday big girl, I love you I love you I love you I love you!!!

The Birthday Girl

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a year with Peps

A whole year has passed since our little Pepper joined us, holy toledo! It’s pretty crazy to see all her monthly P photos together – way to grow up Peps! You are AMAZING.

Baby proofing my studio has been a huge item on my to-do list the past couple of months. Pepper can now crawl up the two stairs from our sunken living room right in here when exploring.

So, the past few nights I turned my big nice, cozy craftroom into half craft / half playroom. Our house isn’t the most child friendly and it’s really nice having another room that I can safely plop her on the ground to roam around. And really, just look at this face!! I’m happy to share.



20 inches long and 7lbs, 8.6 beautiful ounces. Oh what a day! xoxo

Baby Countdown: 1 week, 5 days ’till due date!

I finally finished my little pink and yellow crooked quilt (left) – on the right is a larger and more-perfect quilt made by my very talented mom.

I used 5″ squares, was very inspired by the Swedish Summer Quilt and followed these directions for binding by Jay Bird Quilts.

After about 6 inches of whip stitching the binding I stopped – it looked awful and felt really rough. I checked my mom’s binding and of course, being perfect and all, you can’t even see the binding stitch! I sent off an email to see how she did it and took out all the previous stitches. She sent back this youtube video of the quilting ladder stitch (at 24:25 in the video) – easier, faster and it looks wonderful!

I can’t see myself ever being a full-time quilter, I’m way too impatient and messy for measuring and perfect squares. However, there’s such a huge sense of accomplishment on finishing that I don’t get with many other projects. Awesome. :)

Official countdown to due date: 4 Weeks, 4 Days.

I’m really nervous but my excitement for meeting this tiny little girl in my belly is growing like crazy! xoxo

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