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I ran my very first 5k race this morning!

I’ve never done anything like it, I can’t even remember doing an organized walk before – not sure what took me so long. I started training two months ago with a Couch to 5k iphone app, I could barely run down the street and back. It’s an awesome program, at first I was like woo hoo I’m running for 3 minutes and the next thing I knew I was running 40 minutes IN A ROW! My husband has been such a help too, cheering me on, cooking healthy meals full of veggies and putting the kid to bed so I can go out for night jogs.

aids walk phoenix, 2013

194th place (out of 232) is definitely not going to win a medal but hey, I totally just ran 3.1 miles without stopping at my fastest pace yet so I’m happy. Now what, maybe a 10k or a triathlon? EEEE!

Aids Walk Phoenix, 2013 - RUN!

Aids Walk Phoenix and 5K Run

The run was part of Aids Walk Phoenix – all together they’ve raised $317,548 for 18 different agencies providing HIV prevention, health care and social services to people infected with and affected by HIV.


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