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We’re in the process of buying our very first house. I haven’t written much about it (don’t wanna jinx it), but I just have SO many ideas and plans running through my head I need to get them out! Get ready for all-house-all-the-time around here, for a year at least.

I started putting together flickr galleries and even started a tumblr all about home workspaces.

But today I have dining room tables on my mind.

Since moving to Phoenix 4 years ago we haven’t really had much of a dining room. Our plan is to really work on this one and make it a comfortable place we want to hang out and entertain in. Here’s the space that will hopefully be ours in t-minus 18 days, I used a photo from the MLS listing and did a little before & after in photoshop!

Dining Room before and after

First things first, LOTS of paint – I daydream about paint almost every waking moment. Dear awesome folks selling the house, can I just go over there early and start please?!

The table is the Big Sur, of course it is. But who can afford it? I mean, we could, but who wants to spend all their money on one piece of furniture when there’s a whole house to work on? We’ve searched craigslist too, but guess what? People don’t get rid of awesome furniture – they keep it.

Ikea hack and diy table made of wooden pallets

I was looking around on flickr and came across an amazing IKEA hack by Something’s Hiding in There (above right). The colors and warn-out-ness are exactly what I was picturing for our dining room. The look reminded me of the recycled wood dining table tutorial by ReadyMade last month (above left) – hmmm, how about we combine the two!

Table of wooden pallets painted in shades of blue

Once the table is put together it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to make a Big Sur style bench to match. Then thrifting for some sturdy mismatched chairs, more paint and Voila!!

More inspiration

dining room table with cool painted details
Almost There by Yvestown

Pallet love!
daybed made of wood pallets
DIY Project: Pallet Daybed from Apartment Therapy

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