8.5 x 11 Breastfeeding Log - Amanda Hawkins

Anybody else feel like nursing is one big guessing game? Pepper’s gaining weight though and seems pretty stuffed after eating, so… I guess we’re good! I still like tracking her feedings though, watching patterns emerge and knowing if she’s hungry or just fussy.

I looked around the internet for a printable breastfeeding log and they’re all pretty complicated, so I made a simple one. A free 8.5 x 11 breastfeeding log for tracking feed times, breast sides, poops and pees of your little newborn. I color in the triangle depending on which breast she feeds from first and make notes about naps on the right. Pretty boring, but it’s hard to color and draw while holding a little baby! :)

bf-log.pdf (4135 downloads) <- DOWNLOAD

*********Breastfeeding log updates here, new 4-up and 6-up versions.

And how could I do a post about breastfeeding without including a picture, she’s just SO cute!