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How beautiful are these videos of Yo La Tengo by La Blogotheque?!

I fell in love with Yo La Tengo in 1998, partly because of a boy, but mostly because ‘I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One’ – I listened to it non-stop for months and months – bought older cds and listened non-stop. In 2004 I saw them live, these are Ira’s shoes (and nope, not zoomed in!)

Ira Kaplan's Red Converse

That was taken right before he grabbed my hand, pulled me up on stage and dove out into the crowd. I was such a scaredy cat I jumped down just as quickly, thus filling a slot on my list of all-time regrets. I should’ve danced with Georgia and James!!

Now they’re on tour again, and actually coming to the city I live in. Countdown: 9 days!

Yo La Tengo

Wednesday, October 14
Phoenix, AZ
Marquee Theater
With Endless Boogie. All ages. Tickets are $20 advance/$22 day of show, and are available here.