RBK, A Reasonable Distance

In early 2018 I fell in love with a very timely and sweet little song called Fighting Monsters when Rushmore Beekeepers (a solo-act consisting of my brother ‘n law Zach) had a live-streaming-event in my parents living room.

Then I just kept on loving that song, especially this classic Halloween performance:

Anyways, the next thing I know I’m dusting off the ol’ midi keys and re-remembering how to use Garage Band. Zach uploaded some files and I’d sing and add some keys or electro beats and upload and send it back. Postal Service style in the age of the cloud. Zach was so enthusiastic and supportive I just kept going song by song and by then, Zach had no choice but to let me in the band. Yay! ?

The new album is out now and available to stream on ALL THE THINGS. In January we had a live stream show on FB and you can watch that here!

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

Take care of little humans,
stare at tiny computer,
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Maker of DIY Planners and 🎨 artist; front-end web developer and designer well-versed in CSS & WordPress. Make music with RBK & as Love Morris. Check out littlebird.ahhh.co if you're interested in hiring me for WordPress dev. Subscribe to a newsletter I never send out. Connect on Instagram & Twitter.

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