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A new year always brings with it big big BIG ideas and plans and goals. Time for a new planner, new goals, new projects, a new start – all that! I love reading everyone’s New Year’s posts – I went through this exercise by & Kathleen for finding my “feeling” words last week. Tara Swiger has the same idea in saying, pick a word or phrase to guide you. I haven’t found mine yet, but I’m close. More on that soon…

Goals //

With the huge changes in my life the last couple of years my planning style has drastically changed. I like seeing the big picture now, months at a time. Maybe because the weeks and days fly by so fast – the moments last a little longer but only when I can catch them. With that in mind I put together an updated goals template, the same format as this one, but with a little more space and structure.

Free Printable Goals Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

Peps decorated it with pencil and stickers, she’s so helpful. It could be used several different ways, these are just a few of my plans for 2014. You could also set it up for a single project… mark when the launch is and work backwards by month with to-do lists to meet the deadline.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD -> goals.pdf (3590 downloads )

The PDF download has both a vertical and horizontal 8.5×11 versions. They can easily be printed smaller for other sizes.

2014 //

I also put together a full yearly calendar on one page for tracking daily/weekly/monthly routines and events.

Free Printable 2014 Full Year Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner #routines

For runs I made a key, circles for scheduled and an x for complete. It doesn’t have to be an exercise tracker though, could be anything! Maybe you want to blog 3 times a month or send out a newsletter every month on the 15th… or you could just write down birthdays and anniversaries to remember. Here’s an example of planning trips and big events over the year.

Free Printable 2014 Full Year Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD -> 2014_full-year.pdf (3639 downloads )

This download also has a vertical and horizontal version of the template – shown above.

Have a great New Year friends and happy planning! If you haven’t set up a new planner yet this year, check out my Printable Planner Template through 2015!

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