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DIY discbound planner templates, heck yeah!

I put together two planners in the last couple of weeks – on the left was a gift for my RV traveling sister and brother-in-law. The right is my new 2017 planner! I hadn’t planned on buying a new notebook but I went to Staples to buy 1″ black rings and they were out… ended up falling for this creamy beige/gray Marth Stewart notebook. I love the fabric-like texture it has.

DIY discbound planner templates - compact calendar by Dave Seah davidseah.com

On the left is an at-a-glance calendar for 2017 – an iteration of Dave Seah’s Compact Calendar. If you haven’t, browse through his website – so much goodness. He has a really clean version you can download – or grab the one seen above here (5.5″ by 8.5″): 2017-compact-calendar.pdf (5190 downloads )

On the right are my monthly templates you can purchase for $12. They’ve been my favorite to use so far, although I do want to work on a month spread that will take up two pages. I really only use a month view – on paper and online. I live by my google calendar in month view (don’t tell my planner, ha!).

DIY discbound planner templates by month $12
Another shot of monthly templates.

Daily Tasks

I’ve been looking for ways to simplify and be more productive while managing work, a household and two kiddos. Part of that is dividing things into 2 basic groups – things that I can accomplish with kids and things I can’t. To help with that I’ve been making a quick daily list and leaving it on the kitchen counter – they usually have 5 or less tasks that I’d like to accomplish for the day and include house, kid, work and general life stuff. They’re not pretty, just scribbled quickly as I think of things. I’ll have flexible lists planned out for 2-3 days in advanced so I don’t end up doing laundry/cleaning (kid friendly) on a day that would be better used for work (solo activities).

DIY discbound planner templates - bullet journal key by Shingo Omura

I’m not following the entire Bullet Journal system but I like the idea of rapid logging with bullets and signifiers (above left key by Shingo Omura). I’m excited about incorporating these into my daily lists. The rest of the notebook is just tabs and blank paper for notes and things. The end!

Happy planning! xoxo

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