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Stephanie Levy’s 30 days of collage e-course started on Monday – it’s fantastic so far. Everyone has been sharing their work and it’s really inspiring. These are my first two collages from the course, black and white and warm colors – fun!

30 days of collage 1,2

30 Days of CollageStephanie Levy just opened registration to her new online course, 30 Days of Collage. The course includes 20+ step by step collage tutorials: surface design techniques, handmade patterned papers, prompts, ideas and access to a creative community for sharing and discussing.

I haven’t taken a course with Stephanie but am definitely following along with this one, I love Stephanie’s style and am looking forward to learning some new techniques. If you’re not familiar with Stephanie, she does these wonderful little sweet interior vignettes on collaged patterns and paper –

Stephanie Levy
[source + lots more on Etsy]

Her process photos on the course page are so inspiring, hold on while I get out my supplies and collage all day instead of working, seriously! Bye! ;)
Stephanie Levy, Process

As part of the course she’s also interviewing collage artists from around the world, including me! I’m so flattered to be on the list with these other fabulous collage artists – Hollie Chastain, Gracia & Louise, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Kareem Rizk, Brandi Strickland, Vivienne Strauss, Anthony Zinonos, Shelley Kommers and Fred Free.

As soon as I finish this post I’m off to explore each of the artists’ work – one name I’m already very familiar with is Shelley Kommers – LOVE! One of my favorites of hers lately is this fantastic little happy face – it’s so playful and the texture is just amazing:

Shelley Kommers [source]

So, that’s all for now! Early bird pricing is available until Saturday, October 12th – hope to see you there! xo


The night before last I posted an old collage from 2007. I realized the last time I attempted a collage was February 2012 and that was after a year hiatus. I didn’t give it too much thought – priorities can change quickly, especially when a new baby is involved. I’ve also been crazy obsessed with web stuff – and honestly, my *free time* is spent writing code which I LOVE.

So last night I receive an email out-of-the-blue for a request to be interviewed as part of an online course about collage. I did agree to it, and will add details as they’re available, but told her up front that I felt like a bit of a hack seeing as I don’t really do collage much anymore. Although, I have been looking for a reason to get back into it.

The point of this post:

I made this today… my kid wanted to paint so I grabbed a notecard, sat down beside them and started scribbling. I’m hoping it will lead to more. xo

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