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Spent most of last Sunday in the nursery. Putting up shelves and hanging art… I’m happy to say it’s finally starting to look like a little girl’s room. It’s not ready for a full reveal but I couldn’t wait to post a peek!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my amazing parents who have been married 36 years today! You’ll see lots of their handy-work in the nursery – paint, chair rails, paint, closet shelves and more paint! Plus, my mom is quilting, helping with the mobile, bought the crib and every cute little outfit she’s seen … the list goes on and on.

I have a feeling their little granddaughter will be even more spoiled than me, if that’s possible! xo

Spent the last week re-arranging/organizing my studio… ready for crafting, sewing, drawing and computer-ing! Now… what to work on first? Happy 2010 everyone, thanks so much for reading. See ya next year! xo

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DIY Planning isn’t just for notebooks!

Free People used yarn, cut-out letters, old wallpaper, blank sheet music, and other found papers and stapled it to the wall to create this monster wall calendar!

Chalkboards calendars are so wonderful to look at AND functional. Check out the tutorials linked below and this video tutorial by Martha Stewart on making your own wall calendar. With the right undercoats you can put chalkboard paint on just about anything! (Chalkboard Refrigerator!)

(*** 1. Erinowe’s Chalkboard Window + Tutorial *** 2. Geninne’s Studio Update *** 3. Jen Thompson’s Screen Door + Tutorial ***)

When we own a house I’m going to paint my studio just like Roland Emmerich’s Chalkboard Office. On the walls & ceiling, brilliant! Pair that with my dream floors (white-washed oak) & I’d never leave.

I love yellow and gray together lately, my sister’s having a wintery wedding and is thinking about yellow, gray and brown for her colors. I hope so! Below is a picture of my new craft room and part of our color organized bookshelf – didn’t think we’d have enough colors or books but I love it!

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