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Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for!!! 😂 🎄 🎅🏽

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Merry Christmas, merry merry Christmas! Almost all songs on this mix can be found on If you hear anything you love please look up the artist and send them some love ($$$).

My favorite discovery this year might be Shannon Söderlund, her voice and timing are perfection AND she has a whole Christmas album!

Hope your hoidays are full of love and hugs and squeezes and laughs. xo
Find previous Christmas mixes here :: (2304 downloads) , (1254 downloads) , (1295 downloads) , 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Oh two thousand and sixteen, what can I say? If we’ve ever needed to kick up our feet up and listen to some Christmas music it’s now. Thank god for good music. All of these songs can be found on Bandcamp, please look your favorites up and send them some love ($$) if you can. Hope your holidays are full of big warm bear hugs. xoxo

Your friend,

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Find previous Christmas mixes here :: (2304 downloads) , (1254 downloads) , (1295 downloads) , 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Merry Christmas Mix 2014

Every year I think that THIS is the year I’m going to spend more time with music, and while I did better this year (thanks to Spotify mostly) I could still do better. There’s just SO MUCH good music, it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Although I spend early December listening to lots of Christmas music it’s also a great way to find new bands that just happen to have a Christmas album too.

A stand-out for me this year is Bride & Groom. Not only do they both have amazing voices but look how incredibly adorable they are! I definitely suggest watching some of the videos on their website, really beautiful.

Bride & Groom [website]:

Brown Bird [website]:

Wild Child [website]:

If you love these bands like I do please consider purchasing an album, Bandcamp is so easy it takes seconds to buy and download an album.

And now, finally! My Christmas mix for the year – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you. Hope you all have the merriest of Merry Christmases filled with love, good health and belly laughs. xo

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Find previous Christmas mixes here :: (2304 downloads) , (1254 downloads) , (1295 downloads) , 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

I’ve been putting together Christmas ‘mixed tapes’ for the past couple of years. Just finished my newest – I think it might be my best yet! Although the previous years are pretty fantastic too. :) All mixes are available for download below through I’ve discovered lots of great new bands searching for these, if you find one you especially like tell your friends and buy their album!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy!

Merry Christmas Mix, ’09 :: (download)

Merry Christmas Mix, 2009

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My brother ‘n law Zach, (aka Rushmore Beekeepers) released a brand new cd the end of October. I helped him out with the design and in true diy-fashion printed, cut, folded and sewed the booklets together myself! Zach and Carrie (most-awesome-sister) folded all of the cd cases together drew the RB on the front with a handmade stencil and stamped ‘Rushmore Beekeepers – Throwing Mud at Your Streetlight’ on the case and printable cds.

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Flyaway Tigers (the band I’m in) recently contributed to an awesome project, when in AZ.
It’s a compilation of Local AZ bands covering other local AZ bands. I downloaded it last night, all 55 songs worth and have been making my way through it and it’s SO GOOD.

I recommend you all download it now, it’s just $8 and the money goes to Valley nonprofits that support music education in schools and communities. Go to to download the album and check the upcoming concert schedules promoting it! Yeah!!!

PS. We’re playing Friday night at Modified, free, 9pm – with two great groups from the compilation: Stellaluna and Matthew Reveles

Here’s our contribution, ‘Drown’ by the local band Harcuvar
Drown by flyawaytigers

se Last night at The Trunk Space was so fun, those guys are so nice to put all that work into a venue for kids to hang out and play music and display art.

Woah, it’s The Smile Ease! We’re touring with these guys and they’re awesome (AND crazy). It’s not just a mini tour for them either, it’s a full blown one. Check ’em out, maybe they’re playing in your city.

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