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Baby watch 2013! Currently waiting for a great friend of mine to go into labor so I can jump in the car and drive two hours to be there for her. EEK! I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing lately but wanted to make a quilt for the new little guy. Instead of sewing squares together like the others I’ve made I just used two whole pieces of fabric and quilted them together, the blanket and little tag blankie only took a few hours to make.

I’m definitely making more of the little tag blankies, so easy and fun!

quilt2 Tag blanket and simple quilt quilt4 quilt1

Baby Countdown: 1 week, 5 days ’till due date!

I finally finished my little pink and yellow crooked quilt (left) – on the right is a larger and more-perfect quilt made by my very talented mom.

I used 5″ squares, was very inspired by the Swedish Summer Quilt and followed these directions for binding by Jay Bird Quilts.

After about 6 inches of whip stitching the binding I stopped – it looked awful and felt really rough. I checked my mom’s binding and of course, being perfect and all, you can’t even see the binding stitch! I sent off an email to see how she did it and took out all the previous stitches. She sent back this youtube video of the quilting ladder stitch (at 24:25 in the video) – easier, faster and it looks wonderful!

I can’t see myself ever being a full-time quilter, I’m way too impatient and messy for measuring and perfect squares. However, there’s such a huge sense of accomplishment on finishing that I don’t get with many other projects. Awesome. :)