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A few weeks ago I deleted the Facebook application from my iPhone. I found that without even thinking about it I would open my phone, tap into fb and be thumbing through without really reading or paying attention – or I’d click on links and read things that I had absolutely no interest in – just because it was there. I’m actually not a Facebook hater, if you haven’t read ‘How to Not Hate Facebook‘ by Jessica Hische you should. I love catching up with family that I wouldn’t otherwise, and it’s such an easy way to share sweet photos of my babygirl.

I do think there’s a time and place for it though. And it’s not 24/7 in my pocket.

A phone without Facebook

I’d have a free minute and open the phone and have nothing to look at. I ended up looking at Twitter more, which isn’t much better but at least the links I’d follow and read were focused more in my own personal interests – and not that of my extended family who I don’t really have anything in common with at all. I still wasn’t satisfied with how I was spending my phone surfing time though.

Enter Feedly

I had installed Feedly and transferred all my feeds over a while back but hadn’t spent much time on it. I went through a big RSS purge a year or two back and never really added anything back in – so I’d just get occasional updates. Thanks to my short stint in Twitter I had discovered a few new blogs and am starting to build my reading list back up. Which has been awesome.

Now, instead of blindly wasting time on uninteresting (to me) things when I have a minute to waste on my phone I’m reading about the latest WordPress, CSS, Crafty news instead. Fabulous.

What I’m reading/following* these days:
Planet WordPress (WordPress)
The WordPress News Core (WordPress)
Post Status (WordPress)
CSS-Tricks (CSS)
Pigtail Pals and Ballcap Buddies (parenting, raising girls, fighting stereotypes)
Kim Werker (creativity, business, crafts)
Manhattan Nest (interior design- currently demoing a mess of a house built in 1895 in upstate New York – beautiful before/after photography)
– Plus a few other friends, family and crafter blogs of course.

Now if I could only find a way to curb my Pinterest usage, I’d be set!

What are you guys reading?