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Discbound DIY Planner

When it comes to planners, for the most part, I’ve been DIY for years. If I was using a store-bought binder it was a cheapo 3-ring because I liked the color. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in the fancier planners on the market, they just seemed too stuffy or complicated for my tastes.

Earlier this year I stumbled upon this post on ‘I heart organizing’ that mentioned the new line of Martha Stewart planners at Staples. I think I actually went to staples that very same day, I mean, who doesn’t love Martha Stewart? And now she’s making planner supplies?! *swoon*

Although I loved all her little pieces and parts that come with the binder, I wasn’t in LOVE with the actual binder. I don’t go to office supplies often so I spent a good 2 hours just browsing around – and that’s how I discovered the arc, customizable notebook system by staples. WOAH. Even more discbound goodness. I picked out my favorite notebook in about a split second and headed over to the Martha Stewart section to see if it was compatible. Amazing, totally compatible! In doing research for this post I also saw that it’s compatible with the Levenger system as well – it’s rare for planners to be compatible, which I’m sure they do on purpose, so this is pretty spectacular.

So, I had my arc notebook, Martha Stewart dividers in fab colors and was set. But WAIT! Even if I’m using a fancy binder there is NO way I’m using their boring templates. After much discussion back and forth in my head I shelled out another $40 for the Arc hole punch so I could easily make my own.

I used my new awesome planner a bit and then, like usual, forgot about it. GAH, why do I do that?! Anyways, I’m back on it. I’ve been working on a big project for WAY TOO LONG. This past weekend I broke it up into manageable to-do’s and am telling clients I’m out of commission until it’s finished. This little notebook has goals, dates and important things to remember from 30×500 for launching in it so far.

runningI’m also running my very first 5k in a few weeks, so I plotted out all my runs leading up to that. I’ve been training the last 2 months using a couch to 5k app and recently finished the program – I’m on my own now. EEK!

My current planner:

Arc DIY Planner

I’m using a little wooden box to carry planning essentials – ok, maybe not essential. But it has to be pretty!

Arc DIY Planner

Above I’m using my goal template as a project overview. See all my downloadable planner templates here.

Arc DIY Planner

And, of course, I used my kid’s scribbles as dividers to liven everything up.

Want to know more about discbound planners? Start here! :)
Martha Stewart for Staples
M by Staples, arc
Staple’s Arc Notebook by Dave Seah

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