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Aprile was nice enough to interview me on! Her analogy about the lollipop covered with ants is just too much, haha! I was curious and did a search on flickr, turns out Joybucket did a whole lollipop and ant experiment! So cute.

Below is an excerpt from the interview, read the whole interview here.

I’m very pleased to post about the work of Amanda Hawkins. I feel like her work is all about hidden beauty, while still being extremely playful. Like a lollipop that’s been picked up off the ground—covered in ants. It’s still good! Okay, that may have been a little contrived, but I haven’t done this in a while… Anyway, her work is fantastic: dirty and grimey and lovely and fun.

Q: Describe your work in 10 words or less.
A: Color and textures combined to portray simple, honest emotions. Yeah.

Q: What do you like to work with (magazines, photographs, vintage)? Be specific!
A: I never work with anything glossy like magazines & photographs – they’re too clean! I have a box full of scrap paper, ripped up dictionary pages, scrapbooking paper, found objects, ribbon pieces, punched out letters, lace, ripped fabric. I have a large letter stamp collection and tons of ink pads… I smash the ink pads directly onto the paper and use them as a tool.

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

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