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Over the years I’ve had a few requests for a week spread out over two-pages, you guys sure are busy bees. And here it is, finally! Two-page Week on 8.5 x 11 – print it double-sided, cut it in half and punch it for your 5.5 x 8.5 binders! ;)

Two-page week  PDF template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner #freedownload

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD -> week-2PAGE.pdf (3696 downloads)

Other weekly templates available for download here:
simple week & month
5-day Work Week
Weekly Planning

My Printable Planner Template through 2015 are available too, get ‘em while they’re hot!!

Two-page week  PDF template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner #freedownload

Last week I mentioned making a custom cover for my discbound planner. Here’s my first attempt – I might find another solution for the spine, it’s a very thick card stock and doesn’t slide around on the disc as well as a thinner paper. Hmmm….

The notebook closed from the front (left) and the back (right):
Custom Discbound Cover by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

The cover is made from a paper sample book I’ve had forever. It was already the right height and I only had to add two folds. Any kind of heavy paper would work though, or a light cardboard like a tissue or shoe box.

I collaged mine with paper, black ink, white paint and a few stitches on the sewing machine.

Custom Discbound Cover by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

I definitely want to cut off the extra flap with the vertical pocket on the right (pictured above). It’s too bulky, especially because it sits open on my desk or nightstand 99% of the time.

Custom Discbound Cover by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

The spine width should be just a little bigger than your stack of papers, not including the discs. Once folded, if your paper is thin enough, you can put each fold inside the hole punch. Then use an x-acto and cut out the rectangle shape on the front cover side. My cardboard wouldn’t fit in the hole punch so I did it on a thin paper first, traced it to the cardboard then cut it out by hand. Do a test first so you don’t accidentally punch your nice cover wrong!

Custom Discbound Cover by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

I’m totally loving discbound, read all my other posts about it here:

My Printable Planner Template through 2015 are available too, get ‘em while they’re hot!!

Back in October 2013 I declared my love for Discbound. I’m putting together my plans for 2014 and I’m still loving it, almost. I’ve tried professional planners before and I swoon at photos of Filofaxes just like everyone, especially the hot pink and gold ones. In the end I always go back to handmade though – I love the crafty feel of a handmade, hand sewn, hand glued cover. Hand-drawn templates and textures and a collage of paper and tape make me happy.

So, I ditched the blue leather cover that I originally bought. It was too stiff and boring. I haven’t found a solution yet, as I’m currently using cardboard in the back and a plastic divider in the front. It works for now.

This afternoon I started mocking up a cover that would create a spine for the notebook. I’m pretty close and think I want to make something similar to this old diy cardboard binder I made a couple years back.

Here’s a photo with the test spine:

I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out the right shape to cut so that it still lays flat and the cover doesn’t get in the way. Yeah!

Download the above monthly templates here: 2013_week-month-8x11.pdf (9688 downloads)

My daughter wanted to share her Santa stickers with my notebook, they crack me up. Keep an eye out next week for a new template!

My Printable Planner Template through 2015 are available too, get ’em while they’re hot!!

A new year always brings with it big big BIG ideas and plans and goals. Time for a new planner, new goals, new projects, a new start – all that! I love reading everyone’s New Year’s posts – I went through this exercise by & Kathleen for finding my “feeling” words last week. Tara Swiger has the same idea in saying, pick a word or phrase to guide you. I haven’t found mine yet, but I’m close. More on that soon…

Goals //

With the huge changes in my life the last couple of years my planning style has drastically changed. I like seeing the big picture now, months at a time. Maybe because the weeks and days fly by so fast – the moments last a little longer but only when I can catch them. With that in mind I put together an updated goals template, the same format as this one, but with a little more space and structure.

Free Printable Goals Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

Peps decorated it with pencil and stickers, she’s so helpful. It could be used several different ways, these are just a few of my plans for 2014. You could also set it up for a single project… mark when the launch is and work backwards by month with to-do lists to meet the deadline.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD -> goals.pdf (2017 downloads)

The PDF download has both a vertical and horizontal 8.5×11 versions. They can easily be printed smaller for other sizes.

2014 //

I also put together a full yearly calendar on one page for tracking daily/weekly/monthly routines and events.

Free Printable 2014 Full Year Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner #routines

For runs I made a key, circles for scheduled and an x for complete. It doesn’t have to be an exercise tracker though, could be anything! Maybe you want to blog 3 times a month or send out a newsletter every month on the 15th… or you could just write down birthdays and anniversaries to remember. Here’s an example of planning trips and big events over the year.

Free Printable 2014 Full Year Template by Ahhh Design #diyplanner

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD -> 2014_full-year.pdf (2256 downloads)

This download also has a vertical and horizontal version of the template – shown above.

Have a great New Year friends and happy planning! If you haven’t set up a new planner yet this year, check out my Printable Planner Template through 2015!

This is a super simple 8.5×11 month, week and 2-week template. Not sure if I’m sold on the 2 weeks at a time yet – I love the idea but think the layout needs some work. Might be posting an update soon! Also included in the download are the templates for printing 2-up – cut the paper in half and you’ll have 5.5×8.5 (pictured in my planner below).

DOWNLOAD -> 2013_week-month-8x11.pdf (9688 downloads)

Enjoy and let me know what you think – xo

month and single week diy planner template, Ahhh Design month and double week diy planner template in use, Ahhh Design 2 week diy planner template, Ahhh Design 2 week diy planner template in use, Ahhh Design
Discbound DIY Planner

When it comes to planners, for the most part, I’ve been DIY for years. If I was using a store-bought binder it was a cheapo 3-ring because I liked the color. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in the fancier planners on the market, they just seemed too stuffy or complicated for my tastes.

Earlier this year I stumbled upon this post on ‘I heart organizing’ that mentioned the new line of Martha Stewart planners at Staples. I think I actually went to staples that very same day, I mean, who doesn’t love Martha Stewart? And now she’s making planner supplies?! *swoon*

Although I loved all her little pieces and parts that come with the binder, I wasn’t in LOVE with the actual binder. I don’t go to office supplies often so I spent a good 2 hours just browsing around – and that’s how I discovered the arc, customizable notebook system by staples. WOAH. Even more discbound goodness. I picked out my favorite notebook in about a split second and headed over to the Martha Stewart section to see if it was compatible. Amazing, totally compatible! In doing research for this post I also saw that it’s compatible with the Levenger system as well – it’s rare for planners to be compatible, which I’m sure they do on purpose, so this is pretty spectacular.

So, I had my arc notebook, Martha Stewart dividers in fab colors and was set. But WAIT! Even if I’m using a fancy binder there is NO way I’m using their boring templates. After much discussion back and forth in my head I shelled out another $40 for the Arc hole punch so I could easily make my own.

I used my new awesome planner a bit and then, like usual, forgot about it. GAH, why do I do that?! Anyways, I’m back on it. I’ve been working on a big project for WAY TOO LONG. This past weekend I broke it up into manageable to-do’s and am telling clients I’m out of commission until it’s finished. This little notebook has goals, dates and important things to remember from 30×500 for launching in it so far.

runningI’m also running my very first 5k in a few weeks, so I plotted out all my runs leading up to that. I’ve been training the last 2 months using a couch to 5k app and recently finished the program – I’m on my own now. EEK!

My current planner:

Arc DIY Planner

I’m using a little wooden box to carry planning essentials – ok, maybe not essential. But it has to be pretty!

Arc DIY Planner

Above I’m using my goal template as a project overview. See all my downloadable planner templates here.

Arc DIY Planner

And, of course, I used my daughter’s scribbles as dividers to liven everything up.

Want to know more about discbound planners? Start here! :)
Martha Stewart for Staples
M by Staples, arc
Staple’s Arc Notebook by Dave Seah

I like planning out my week and to-do’s on Sunday evening, if I don’t I end up totally sidetracked when the time comes to actually work. This template is super simple, five blank days to fill in as you like.

DOWNLOAD -> 5-day-week.pdf (9347 downloads)


I used tape so I could use the same sheet every week. A lot of things stay the same like nap time and when my mom watches Pepper. Now I can quickly switch out what I want to work on and when!


Happy Holidays friend! I glanced at the calendar this morning and realized there are only 24 shopping days left ’till Christmas. WOW, where in the world did this year go?!

I put together a free little gift giving list in an attempt to get organized. On the left you can add the person it’s for plus any notes or ideas. The right is a mini to-do list and money tracker.

DOWNLOAD -> holiday_gifts.pdf (3636 downloads)

I made up a bunch of silly stuff on one to keep my real ideas a surprise!

Hi friends! A few months ago I did a little give-away on the Ahhh Design Facebook page. I asked for a favorite organizing/planning tip to enter. Here’s one of my favorite responses.

I imported one of your cool templates into my ipad, and then am using Upad app that will let me draw on top to take notes and do other fun stuff. I’m trying to cut down on paper, but I love how organized your templates make me feel and they’re so pretty to play with. I just love your designs.Kerrie Carbary

What a great idea! I had just ordered a stylus for the iPad, which I totally recommend, and got to work doodling right away. I tried Upad as well as a couple of other note taking Apps and finally settled on Noteshelf.


  • Save the templates you’d like to use as JPG
  • Save them to your iPad photo library
  • Import them to your note taking application of choice
  • Doodle away!

My favorite is bringing in little photos and scribbling around them and writing notes. Great for digital scrapbooking!

Here are a few of my templates in jpg form, view this post on your iPad and save the below images to import. I just saved you a step, happy planning!
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