Discbound for 2014 / | Amanda Hawkins | Ahhh Design

Back in October 2013 I declared my love for Discbound. I’m putting together my plans for 2014 and I’m still loving it, almost. I’ve tried professional planners before and I swoon at photos of Filofaxes just like everyone, especially the hot pink and gold ones. In the end I always go back to handmade though – I love the crafty feel of a handmade, hand sewn, hand glued cover. Hand-drawn templates and textures and a collage of paper and tape make me happy.

So, I ditched the blue leather cover that I originally bought. It was too stiff and boring. I haven’t found a solution yet, as I’m currently using cardboard in the back and a plastic divider in the front. It works for now.

This afternoon I started mocking up a cover that would create a spine for the notebook. I’m pretty close and think I want to make something similar to this old diy cardboard binder I made a couple years back.

Here’s a photo with the test spine:

I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out the right shape to cut so that it still lays flat and the cover doesn’t get in the way. Yeah!

Download the above monthly templates here: 2013_week-month-8x11.pdf (9276 downloads)

My daughter wanted to share her Santa stickers with my notebook, they crack me up. Keep an eye out next week for a new template!

My Printable Planner Template through 2015 are available too, get ’em while they’re hot!!