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My brother ‘n law Zach, (aka Rushmore Beekeepers) released a brand new cd the end of October. I helped him out with the design and in true diy-fashion printed, cut, folded and sewed the booklets together myself! Zach and Carrie (most-awesome-sister) folded all of the cd cases together drew the RB on the front with a handmade stencil and stamped ‘Rushmore Beekeepers – Throwing Mud at Your Streetlight’ on the case and printable cds.

Cost & Supplies +

Paper and Printer Ink: $70
100 Arigato blank CD cases: $50
2 stamps from Simon Stamp: $11
Blank cds= $30
Total: $161 – for 100 totally unique, handmade cds & booklets… and we haven’t even gotten to the music yet!

case rb_2 rb_4 rb_9

Layout +

I’m sure you’re all wondering how I made a ten page booklet out of one sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper right? This is one side of the sheet, the other is the same layout but flipped. Cut along the pink lines and fold all three pieces in half. Ta-da!

rushmore beekeepers

Once all the pieces are folded sew them together down inside center with your sewing machine with a colorful thread. If you use thinner paper it won’t be an issue, but if it’s thicker the extra bulk in the middle pushes the inside pages out past the others. So after sewing I trimmed the outside edge one last time.

Gift Ideas +

How much would your family enjoy a little book like this with photos from the year collaged inside instead of a boring old Christmas card?! So much.

Website +

We also wanted to have a website up for the big release – I threw this one-pager together really quick with a short bio and links to all of his social media accounts.


Check out the site here: and swing by myspace to listen to some songs!

Video from cd release show!! +

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