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After making music for years I stopped, mostly to have a family and other things. Jumped right back in fall of 2018 and have ALL THE PLANS.

rushmore beekeepers

Indie folk/electro folk duo rushmore beekeepers (Zach Fountain and Amanda Hawkins) layer guitar, autoharp, and octave mandolin with keyboards and electro beats while covering all the pivotal themes in life: love, loss, adventure, and occasionally the apocalypse.

Based in Texas and Arizona, the solo/duo act plays shows brimming with emotion, banter, and forgotten lyrics via livestream and at coffee shops, bars, and houses across the USA.

Their new album, a reasonable distance, was released November 23, 2018.

love morris

Amanda Hawkins makes synth-pop-y tunes as Love Morris in Gilbert, AZ. Listen on bandcamp.

RBK, A Reasonable Distance

In early 2018 I fell in love with a very timely and sweet little song called Fighting Monsters when Rushmore Beekeepers (a solo-act consisting of my brother ‘n law Zach) had a live-streaming-event in my parents living room. Then I…

Love Morris, Fictitious Valentine (revisited)

I wrote this song way back for a sweet trio called Like Winter Weather, we performed it live I think but somehow it was never recorded. A song I wrote while crushin’ on my husband 14 years ago, revisited. Added…

Love Morris, Christmas Songs

I’ve been wanting to create a Christmas album FOREVER. I was feeling so excited about music and inspired by the RBK album that I just went for it. Thanks Zach for your beautiful shining guitar on ‘Christmas is all Around”…

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

Take care of little humans,
stare at tiny computer,
scribble on paper,
Maker of DIY Planners and 🎨 artist; front-end web developer and designer well-versed in CSS & WordPress. Make music with RBK & as Love Morris. Check out if you're interested in hiring me for WordPress dev. Subscribe to a newsletter I never send out. Connect on Instagram & Twitter.

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