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Spent a majority of the day yesterday shopping with my mom. First hit up the Crop Girls Craft Fair and yardsale in Peoria. The booths set up were fantastic, everyone was selling old crafting supplies they don’t use anymore. I bought 12 stamps for next to nothing and Mom loaded up on scrapbooking paper and old how-to books. My favorite find were these old wooden blocks from Rebecca of EnchantedBella


Then we headed over to the thrift stores on CaveCreek and Cactus, our favorites! It’s a whole little shopping center full of wonderful little stores ran by the nicest ladies… We were disappointed that ‘Not too Shabby’ was closed but the sign out front said they’ll be open next Saturday with tons of new stuff.


My mom bought this great sewing machine, practically stole it actually – I think she paid $40?! I found 3 awesome shelves that were made for displaying golf balls (really? bizarre, I know!).

For the last year or so I’ve been looking for an old pencil sharpener. Two days ago I broke down and bid for one on Ebay but was outbid and waiting to bid again. The first store we went to on the first shelf I saw this!!!!!


The end.

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Hawkins

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