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About a month ago I downloaded a trial version of Little Snapper ($39 to buy) to organize screen shots & links to tasty sites I run across. I had links scattered between gmail, google notes, google reader, delicious, evernote & starred in twitter! Now they’re all nice and neat and ready to quickly scroll through when I’m in a creative rut – Perfect!

I had this big plan to do a post of only craftily designed craft sites, I search high and low and only found three! (Well, four if you count Design Sponge which everyone’s seen). Unfortunately, most crafters seem to use blogger or blogspot and only design their headers. Same goes for illustrators – how bizarre, how bizzare! Seems like lots of artists use 100% flash, which you’ll notice is not present in my list (no offense, I’m just WAY too impatient!). (editor’s note: Long load times have been found to drive users away from your site.)

Please let me know of wonderful sites that I shouldn’t miss!


Decor 8
Little stitches and notebook paper, that’s all any crafty blog really needs!

Poppy Talk
Here’s a blogspot that went all out – love the paperclip and little stamps!

Okay, I guess there’s a little bit of flash involved! Collaged papers, pencils and masking tape though, yes! This site was designed by Also, who also designed Design Sponge.


My favorite sites are the ones where you can get lost in the little itty bitty details.
Made in England by Gentlemen – In my quest, this is the only site that I discovered I hadn’t seen before, and I have no clue why. It’s really wonderful. I love the texture carried through every image/background and especially the little blog date tags and notebook paper behind the text. Watch the header as you move around between pages and don’t leave without clicking on ‘tutorials’ under categories on the right!

While you’re there, check out “What I need to spin a good website” – really great idea for prospective clients.

Postmodern is cleaner than I usually enjoy – I just love all the boxes, shapes, shades of color and icons.


I adore the collage in the top left corner of this site, and everything else about it. He actually has three awesome sites: misprinted type, commercial work, & an old porfolio.

There’s just something about this header paired with the beautiful artwork… lovely!


These guys have really great articles & I think that might be my favorite background texture ever!

Okay, so I just found this one on someone’s list.  Not sure who, maybe above site?  I just really like the green and texture, plus it’s brand new: so go Base 6!

Backgrounds + Borders = Swoooooon!


All of those wonderful colorful o’s & links!

So many ding-dang stripes, watch out!!


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