Where DOES the time go? | Amanda Hawkins | Ahhh Design

Hello, just a quick update.

A note about the Daily Drawings

It was a lovely idea, a year full of little bitty Moleskine notebooks filled with collages… how quaint! It just took too. much. time. Not that I don’t love spending time collaging, I do. And I’ll still find time for collaging… but sometimes I’d rather work on something else, like perhaps…

  • Bird Themes: A new website with artsy WordPress themes!
  • Building up our little web design business – Little Bird – and keeping up with our wonderful clients.
  • Making more DIY Planner Templates
  • House hunting with Sam for our very first house!
  • Getting healthy. I had half of my thyroid removed 3 weeks ago. Documenting for a major blog post all about the fun times and awesome neck incision. PS. Feeling great now and completely recovered. :)
  • Designing bags and getting better at sewing.
  • And everything else. Traveling, bicycling, cuddling with Sam and Muffin, hanging out with friends/family and ya know, enjoying life.

So, that’s that! Off to cut up fabric and start on my very first quilt, have a lovely weekend!